I am a Green Bay Packers Fan, with that said, I have a ton of respect for most of the players in the NFL. Yes, they get paid a tremendous amount of money, but they put in hours of hard work, and only play football for a limited number of years before they need to retire for the sake of their physical health. The vast majority of players come from backgrounds where they had to work very hard to overcome hardships and obstacles to get to where they are today. One of those players is Patrick Willis, and I’d like to share with you a short video on his story:

If you enjoyed that as much as I did, I think you’ll also enjoy the Behind the Scenes video:

I am from the South, where SEC Football reigns Supreme, GO GATORS 🙂 We love to watch college football on Saturday, and NFL on Sunday where we see many of our favorite players from various teams reaching the pinnacle of their careers.

My kids, as I am sure many other kids, look up to college and professional athletes. As a parent, I take the time to talk to them about reaching their dreams. When they say that they’d love to play in the NFL (or any other sport or profession) when they grow up, I always encourage them and give them advice on how to make their dreams come true. It’s important to let kids have a dream, and encourage them with motivation to help them make their dreams a reality. For almost any career available, it is important for kids to eat right, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, learn to be responsible with their money, and how to prioritize things. Whether your child wants to be an athlete or an accountant, they will at some point face fears and obstacles that stand in their way. As parents, we much teach them how to responsibly handle their fears, and to be diligent in overcoming obstacles.

When I was in college, I was an education major. There was a mixup for a while, and I was enrolled in special education classes (little did I know at the time how much this would help me in the future!). While going to school, I worked as a teller at a bank. Due to circumstances happening the way they did, I decided to stop going to school for a while and just work at the bank. Soon after (while taking finals for the semester I was enrolled in), I got engaged to Nick, who was in the Navy. Working as a bank teller was a good career path for me, because jobs are fairly easy to get in any area of the country where we would be stationed. While working very hard at my job, I knew I wanted to advance, so I took the initiative upon myself to learn the training I would need for a promotion. As I got promoted, I kept that initiative working towards the next promotion, and so on, and kept working my way up through the ranks. Along the way, people would say to me that my lack of a college degree and courses in the financial industry would stand in my way, but I didn’t allow that to stop me. I took courses through a banking school at night, asked questions of those in positions I wanted to strive for, shadowed positions I wanted to learn more about, and just kept working my way up. Eventually, I needed to stop working and care for my kids at home, but I want to use my story to show my kids that nothing is impossible with a little hard work and motivation. Trust the power within yourself to help you reach your dreams.

Thank you to Duracell and Smiley360 for sending me a Duracell Rechargeable Quick Charger and some Duracell Batteries as a thank you for writing this post. With three kids ages 7-10 in this house, you can guarantee we use our fair share of batteries, especially during the holidays with new toys. As a mom who is mindful of our family budget, I love rechargeable batteries so I don’t have to buy fresh batteries each week when I do my household shopping. For more information, visit the Duracell Facebook Page. All thoughts and opinions are mine and have not been influenced in any manner.

What dreams in life have you reached or are you working hard to reach? What actions do you take to help your kids reach their dreams?