Wee Believers Floor Puzzle

Wee Believers Floor Puzzle

Each year, we spend time talking to our kids about what Easter means to us. We read books, work puzzles, color pages, and do other fun activities that focus on the Christian events associated with the Holiday. Because they’ve never associated the holiday with candy, baskets, or toys, they do not expect to receive any of that. They are aware that other children believe in the Easter Bunny, but that we do not.

I was thrilled to find the 2 in 1 Easter Floor Puzzle from Wee Believers for the kids this year. Easter Sunday (April 8th) is rapidly approaching, and I highly recommend checking out the great items that Wee Believers offers, that keep the true meaning of the holiday, and to teach the kids the meaning in a fun way. This item is a 54 jumbo piece 2 x 3 puzzle that has a Spring scene on one side, and a Resurrection scene on the reverse side. Priced at an affordable $14.99, and listed for ages 3+, this is a great buy for young kids!

The puzzle pieces are large, which is perfect for small hands to handle. The pieces interlock easily, and it’s not too hard to decipher which side of the puzzle piece you need for the puzzle you are trying to work, which is sometimes an issue with 2 sided pieces. The back of the package has The Story of Easter told in 6 short sentences. They tell the story in a way that is easy for kids to understand, and learn. The resurrection side has the important figures featured, so you can take the opportunity to talk about the event with your kids while you work the puzzle. The Spring side shows plants and animals, and offers the opportunity to discuss how other things bloom and “come back” to life in the Spring, and allows you to tie that into the Easter story, as age appropriateness allows. For younger kids, it’s a chance to learn the names of the animals, colors, etc.

There are so many choices on the site that are perfect for younger kids, and each one that I looked at was affordably priced. The vast majority of items are priced between $5 and $30, with only ONE item that I found listed over $30. I love to promote and support companies that offer quality Faith based products. I highly recommend these for your kids, grand-kids, nieces, nephews, or even to donate to a children’s Sunday School class at your church!

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