Valentine’s Day Wreaths:

Y’all know I love wreaths. In fact, I’ve made a  wreath board on Pinterest dedicated solely to wreaths! I sometimes see them in my feed, but I also search for them on Pinterest, Etsy, and a few craft blogs that I read. Here are my top 5 favorite wreaths for Valentine’s Day:

I love roses. Love. Love. Love. Roses. This wreath is from Thrifty Decorating. She bought all the necessary items at Dollar Tree for a whopping total of $3. THREE DOLLARS. She said it does take time and patience putting it together. I’d guess it would take me several attempts to get this right. However, I do have some tissue paper here that I got on Clearance at Target (White, not pink) for $0.10 per pack, so maybe I’ll pull out a sheet and see if I can get these roses to turn out. If so, maybe I’ll stop by Dollar Tree Friday and see if they have the supplies to make this 🙂 She also links to some simpler rose crafts at the end of her post.

I found this one over at She’s Kinda Crafty. It’s made out of Valentine’s Ribbon and she sells the kits and completed wreath in her online store.

This one from Hott Mama In The City is a no-sew wreath made out of fabric! It looks easy enough that even *I* could make it, and y’all know I am craft challenged. I love that she gives you a list of supplies needed and detailed instructions on how to put it together.

This one is for sale at Uno Alla Volta. It’s beyond my budget at $85, but it is gorgeous!  I don’t want to suggest that the price is too high – it does look quite complex to put together, and it is hand crafted, so it is probably well worth the time it took to put together and quality materials used, it’s just beyond the limits of my personal decorating budget 🙂

My final selection is a little different. This one, from Choose to Thrive, is made out of an old cardboard box, a scrap shirt, and scrap burlap. Did I mention I love roses? She makes the rosettes out of the burlap. She offers photos with step by step instructions on how to make your own using supplies you have on hand.If you’re crafty and love DIY craft projects using items you probably already have in your house, I’d highly recommend checking out her blog. She has some fantastic ideas!

P.S. I do not know and am not affiliated with any of the blogs listed, I just found them when I was browsing around and thought I’d share them with you.