This post is sponsored by Verizon, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The gadget all busy parents needThe gadget all busy parents need

We are longtime Verizon customers. Over the years, they’ve provided quality products and great service for our family. We’ve established guidelines for when our kids will each get their own phones, because as they begin competing on middle school sports teams and stay after school for clubs and meetings, we need to make sure they have a reliable phone to communicate with us. Recently, when it was time for Nick and one of the boys to upgrade, they selected Google XL’s and they love them. I have an iPhone, and my upgrade is approaching, they’re trying to convince me to make the switch too 🙂

verizon-tabletThe boys have been trying to convince me we need a tablet too. They’d make great salespeople for Verizon, they know ALL of the product features and highlights, and which ones to emphasize to try and win me over 🙂  My partners at Verizon generously sent me an Ellipsis 8 HD to test out, and see how we like it. Logan had a bad sinus infection and needed to be home from school for a couple of days until his antibiotic kicked in and kicked out the fever. It was ideal for entertaining an active kid whose pediatrician ordered rest as part of his recovery. Since I’ve had some sickness myself over the past 6 weeks, it really was a great help! I’m not advocating allowing a tablet to babysit for you, but we all do need a break occasionally!

Ellipsis 8 HD – Verizon’s own Ellipsis 8 will allow you to curl up with your kids to watch classic holiday movies on one of the highest quality tablet screens out there. It’s also great for new parents who can easily search baby questions hands-free using the voice activated technology.

The gadget ALL busy parents need!Now, let me share a few of my favorite features, and why I think it’s the gadget all busy parents need. 

  • Portability: At 8″ and under 1 lb of weight, with over 14 hours of usage time, it’s ideal for parents on the go. You can keep up with email, take advantage of numerous apps, download movies or connect to your favorite streaming network, etc. while on the go.
  • Camera: I used the camera to take holiday pictures and the video to record my son’s band and chorus concert songs. With our family living thousands of miles away, they can’t attend, but with a quality recording I can upload to social media and they can hear the music and see him perform!
  • E-books: It’s a great way to read on the go using my favorite reading app, and weighs less than many hardback books! Even better, I also downloaded books for the kids, so they could read while waiting for their brothers at basketball practice, orthodontist appointments and more.
  • Games: The kids love to play a variety of games, and I played a few rounds of Candy Crush, Solitaire, and Mahjong.
  • Apps: I use apps for so many things including keeping up with the kids grades through the parent portal, managing all of our prescriptions at the pharmacy, communicating with physicians using their secure app, banking, checking on the weather, shopping, and of course social media. Yes, I can do most of these on my Verizon phone, but the larger screen size really did make some of these easier!
  • Voice-Activated Hands-Free Technology: Cooking dinner and have a recipe request? Use this to look it up! Do your kids need help with homework? Questions can get asked and it will find the answers!

The Verizon Ellipsis® 8 is a Verizon exclusive powered by America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

What is your favorite feature? How could this help you as a busy parent?