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Selling our House

My husband has just accepted a huge job promotion with his company. With the promotion, though, we will be moving from Oklahoma, across the country to New England! We were not prepared for such a huge move, much less putting our home on the market. We have a list of things to do to get the house ready to list, so we can get the price we need when it sells. I am a little overwhelmed with the massive amount of things that must be completed in such a short time frame, so I’ll apologize now for being scarce! I have committed to several projects over the summer, and don’t want to withdraw, so I also must find time to get those pre-written and scheduled for the time when we are travelling.  It’s a 4-5 day drive from our current home to the new state. This will be our first time to sell a home, so I’d appreciate any tips that you might have for me. Because we are first going to be in temporary housing, then likely an apartment until the house sells, and then a new home, we will have several small moves ahead of us. We will have a company packing and moving the items and one car for us.  This is what I have so far, in terms of tips on selling our house:

  • Curb Appeal: Get new fence installed on one side of the house where it’s in bad shape. Hire landscapers to get shrubs and flower bed presentable, and to mow the lawn.
  • Install new molding around door frames where cat has shown her preference for wood over her scratching posts (Thanks Bella, haha).
  • Paint walls in kids rooms (rest of house interior painted last year when house flooded)
  • Get new carpet installed in kids rooms/loft (Again, rest of house replaced last year in flood, need carpet to match throughout).
  • Install new mini blinds so they are nice, and not bent from kids peeking out.
  • Install new window screens on windows that kids/cat have poked holes in.
  • Get carpet that is not being replaced professionally cleaned.
  • Hire maid service to do a deep, thorough cleaning of the house for Realtor photos/video and open house.

This post brought to you by pacific palisades real estate, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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