Sprite Rolls

Sprite Biscuits

These Sprite Biscuits or Sprite Rolls are super easy and fast to make, and the kids LOVE them. They devour the whole pan, and ask for them anytime we need rolls to complement dinner. Some people use 7-up to make them, and call them 7-up Rolls. Any lemon-lime soda will work just fine, even Diet, if you prefer 🙂 

Sprite Biscuits

I put the butter into my pan, and place it in the oven so it can melt while the oven is heating up. *NOTE: DO NOT FORGET it’s in there, you don’t want a fire 🙂 If you’d rather, just melt it in a saucepan and pour it into the pan.

Sprite Biscuits

Next, I like to make sure all of my ingredients are ready and handy before my hands get messy. I have the Sprite, Sour Cream, and Bisquick all measured out. Flour the waxed paper, so it’s ready for the dough. Fold the Sour Cream into the Bisquick mixture, then pour in the Sprite. Once it’s formed the dough, transfer to your floured wax paper.

Sprite Biscuits

Now knead your dough until it’s ready to be cut into biscuits. I add a bit of Bisquick to the top of the dough to keep it from sticking to my hands while kneading. Place into a 450 degree oven for 12-15 minutes and bake until Golden Brown.


Get one quick because they go fast! These are the perfect biscuit or roll to serve at BIG Holiday meals like Christmas Dinner, Thanksgiving Dinner, Easter Dinner, or any family gathering.

Alternate Names: Sometimes I get questions about the name of these, because people have heard of them (or similar recipes) by different names. We call the Sprite Biscuits, because they’re made with Sprite. Sometimes we call them Sprite Rolls, but they’re the same thing. Others using different Lemon Lime flavors call them by the name of whatever they used, such as 7-up Rolls, Sierra Mist Rolls, Mello Yello Rolls, etc. I’ve never tried the other drinks when making this recipe, but I’ve heard they pretty much all taste the same in this recipe. We usually have Sprite on hand for when someone gets sick, so that’s what I tend to use. I’ve also heard them called Bisquick Butter Biscuits, or if you add cheese, some call them Bisquick Cheese Biscuits. There are many variations of Bisquick Biscuit Recipes, because it’s a pretty versatile base for biscuits.

These are a few items I find helpful in my own kitchen when preparing this recipe:

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