Please help save McKenzie LoweI don’t often ask this type of request, but this is a little girl that has been attending school with my boys, She is the age of my oldest son, Aaron. Her family was at Parent/Teacher conference night in tears begging people to sign this petition.

She has a rare type of inoperable brain tumor that is growing. Her doctors feel that there is only ONE medication capable of treating this specific type of tumor, but she has to petition the FDA to be added to a list of people allowed to take it, under a compassionate use exemption.

Her grandfather said to me, personally, that she will likely die without this treatment. The median survival rate is 9 months, and she’s been sick for almost a year to date, and is getting worse.

Of course, I signed the petition. But as of today, they still need 88,691 signatures. It’s a staggering amount, but with the help of social media, they can get there. Please read her story and consider signing it, and passing the link along to others as well.

***SIGN THE PETITION HERE*** Petition of McKenzie Lowe

You can also “Like” the Friends of McKenzie Lowe Facebook Page to follow her story and progress. The Boston Bruins have joined in asking for help and some Boston News Stations are joining in as well. It is heartbreaking to me to think that the FDA would allow a child to die before allowing her to try every medication available. She IS getting some treatment now to try and keep it under control until she gets approval for this medication.