My boys love, LOVE dressing up in costumes, and do so almost daily. We’ve been fortunate over the years to get some great deals in November, when many go on Clearance. Now, this is NOT a sponsored post, though some links may be affiliate links. That said, I have to tell you, that although the Disney Brand costumes run a little higher, they do tend to last quite a bit longer. We are on our second set of Woody and Buzz Lightyear costumes – the first set lasted over 5 years – which is quite a long time when three boys wear them so frequently. My preference is in the quality of the originals, the newer ones don’t seem as authentic, but the kids still love them. *Note, I’ve included some personal photos of kids in costumes from the past. During our move, my printer was damaged, and currently won’t scan pictures – these are pre-digital. So, I had to take a picture of the picture with my phone, upload it to instagram, download to PC, upload to Flickr, then paste in here – so the quality isn’t what the actual photo looks like:/


Obviously, Woody and Buzz Lightyear have to be ranked 1 & 2. Our original Woody had different boots, hat, a detachable belt, and separate pants/shirt and the shirt actually buttoned. Our original Buzz was plastic, zipped in back, had boots and a velcro jet pack.


As you can see, Woody and Buzz have been with us, since about 2004. Quality is key.


I couldn’t get the picture of the picture for Bob the Builder and Tigger to upload, but all three kids were Tigger for their first costume, and Bob for their second. The Bob costume we had, was purchased at a yard sale for a whopping $0.25 – and ALL three kids wore it! The one from CostumeZone I posted above is the closet I could find to match the one we used, and I could only get a thumbnail of the Tigger one we have (it’s packed away, but I can’t donate the boys FIRST Halloween Costume :))


Another year, Joshua still claimed Buzz, but Aaron wanted to be a Pirate from Pirates of the Carribean, Logan wasn’t feeling well, and did NOT want a costume. The photo of him with an unrelated inflatable sword, green Woody Socks (on clearance for $0.25 at the Disney Store) and the Pirate head piece, still cracks me up!

We also still have, and they still wear their Darth Vader and Jedi Costumes from Star Wars. We have some play light sabers that they love to use when they battle.

Joshua loved Thomas from a very young age, so for the year he was in Pre-K and they were allowed to wear their costume to school, he decided to be Thomas.

The year they wanted to be a Power Ranger, we had a tough time, because they couldn’t decide which color! Ultimately, the Red Ranger won out.

Finally, Spiderman – both the original Red costume, and the Black costume. These are literally falling apart they’ve worn them soooooo much, but I can’t find the style we have anywhere. Ours don’t have muscles or anything special, just the outfit and a mask.

They are mostly undecided on this years choices, I am sure they’ll change their minds several times over the next few weeks.