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The prize at this stop will be a MyKeepset.


I am excited to share with you about the MyKeepset Baby Memory Book with a Clay Footprint, Picture Frame, and more. My own children are all in middle school, and while I’m not planning for any additional children and they’re too young for me to have grandchildren just yet, many of my friends ARE still having babies and some are becoming grandparents too! Babies are precious and adorable, and they grow up WAY too fast, so it’s important to chronicle the milestones they hit and capture those memories while you can.

There are many features of the MyKeepSet that I like, here are a few of my favorites:

  • The Story of Mom & Dad, About Mom & Dad, and the Family Tree: I love that this section is included, so as the children grow up, they can have this valuable information as a written record. I have done some Ancestry work on my own family, and it would be SO helpful if I had records like this to make the research easier and for documentation purposes.
  • Pregnancy Information: Sometimes when you’re pregnant, you think you’ll remember every last detail, and have no need to document the highlights. As you get older and have more children, sometimes you forget things that later in life you wish you could recall (at least I do!). I really wish I’d taken the time to document things like the date I found out, my cravings with each child, etc.
  • Month by Month Info: There are prompts to record some highlights each month. These milestones are important to record for many different reasons. I always encourage new moms to make the time to document these AS THEY HAPPEN. Life goes by so quickly, it can be easy to forget 🙂
  • The clay footprint: I feel like a broken record, but babies grow SO QUICKLY. They’ll never be so tiny again, so make time to create these treasures!
  • 10 Frames: Since Pinterest has come around, I’ve seen some darling ideas for baby showers and 1st birthday parties. Use these 10 Frames at a Baby Shower to showcase pictures of the mom to be in each month of pregnancy. Use them at a 1st Birthday party to showcase each month of a babies life. Save them, and use them to show each grade at a high school graduation!

MyKeepSet includes:

✔ 9” Picture Frame or Album: It carries the baby book. Just put it on the tabletop and keep your memories within your reach, all the time.

✔ Baby Memory Book: Fully illustrated with a front cover- image and 60 inside pages – All about Mommy/Daddy; How Mom and Dad met; Family tree; Pregnancy memories; Baby shower; Baby’s World; On the way; Here I am; Baby’s firsts; Growth records; Memories and Birthdays; My world; My Favorites; My First Day of School, and a lot more. .

✔ No-mess air dry material clay: To record your baby’s cute Hands and Foot Prints, that softness!

✔ 10 DIY Picture Frames: A unique and quick craft to décor those cute pictures. It’s far easier to update – new days; new stories; new views!

Wait! There’s more.

The uniqueness: Ever heard of a memory book that comes all completed? Yes, this one has no blank faces, but cute and creative illustrations. It helps you to visualize your baby’s journey far before hitting all those milestones. And then, to preserve those memorable moments, forever!

So say goodbye to boring baby books, choose MyKeepSet.

And here, we tell you – it makes THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT. You’d never get so much for so less. And it’s will put a smile on every parent’s face.