I discovered some really fabulous posts on StumbleUpon in January, and in case you missed them, I thought I’d highlight the best of the best here for you!


Posts I discovered:

A few posts that came across my stream that I gave a thumbs up, and you might enjoy:

My posts that are doing well on StumbleUpon:

If you follow me on StumbleUpon and we have interests in common, you will see posts just like these that I discover and/or like in your exploration, and I in kind will see posts that you like or discover. I try to spend a set amount of time each day stumbling in the categories that interest me most. I find new blogs that I want to follow that way. I also make sure to thumbs up all posts that I like so that the algorithm knows to show me more posts like that πŸ™‚ You can also click the link to go to my profile and browse more pages that I liked.