The Love Bug Hug Craft Project is easy and so much fun to do with kids as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Love Bug Hug Valentine's Day Craft Project for Kids

Love Bug Hug Craft Project

Most kids love making craft projects, and it helps them develop important skills they need! Cutting, gluing, and being creative are great educational activities! Valentine’s Day is approaching, so this is a great occasion to create pink and red heart-shaped projects with your child. This cute craft features a heart shaped Love Bug with extra long arms for big hugs or to show how much he loves you!  A great craft for kiddos to make as a gift for parents, or as part of a holiday party at school!

love bug hug

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Materials Needed:

Red and Pink Construction Paper



Googly eyes

Pipe Cleaner


Cut shapes from the construction paper as follows:

1 pink heart (the head)

1 red oval (the body)

2 long red (the length of the construction paper, long ways) strips (the arms)

2 short red strips (the legs)

1 small red heart (mouth)

1 small red half circle (nose)

love bug hug

Glue the heart shaped onto the body to create the head.  It should slightly overlap.

You can choose to put it off to the side a little bit or centered.  

Glue the eyes, nose and mouth in place.

love bug hug

To make the arms,  fold the end of one strip into a square. Fold it back and forth, back and forth until it is cinched up “accordion like”.

Repeat this step for the legs.

Glue them in place,  allow to dry.  

love bug hugBend the pipe cleaners into spirals (for the antennas) and glue onto the back of the head.

Add a cute little message such as “I love you thissssssss much”  and you have the perfect little homemade valentine!

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