WIN a Kool Rider to make your child's bicycle sound like a motorcycle!

WIN a Kool Rider bicycle accessory to make your child’s bicycle sound like a motorcycle!

With three boys in the house, outdoor activities and bicycle riding are very popular. Due to his medical issues, it is difficult for Aaron to ride, but his two brothers really enjoy it. Because the are young, and I am protective, they do not ride around our neighborhood unsupervised. At this point, we go to the park, and they can ride while their sibling is having soccer practice, etc. We love to reminisce with them and tell them about things that we enjoyed as kids. Their dad tells them about how he used to ride his bike and put baseball cards in between the spokes to make loud noises. Apparently all boys love loud noises, haha. Their dad though, wishes he hadn’t destroyed what were possibly very valuable baseball cards in today’s times by putting them in the spokes of his wheels!

For kids of this generation, they do not have to worry about destroying potentially valuable baseball cards to get the same loud, noise making result. They are fortunate enough to have a cool little gadget, the Kool Rider, that they can use instead!

We just opened the outdoor shed where we store the lawn equipment and bicycles last weekend. We’ve had a severe drought for over a year here in Oklahoma, and we were blessed to finally get inches of rain, however, it arrived and stayed their entire spring break, so they didn’t get to play outside at all. Once we got the bikes out, we found that they had flat tires, so they haven’t been able to test these out just yet, but we should be able to have everything fixed and ready to go this upcoming weekend. I will be updating this post once we try them out, it looks really cool and the boys are excited. I would highly recommend these as Easter gifts for your kids, or as a reward for good report cards (we get ours next week!)

The Kool Rider is customizable with stickers included. I included the photo above so you can see exactly what it looks like, and what comes in the package. The white item is the product, and it is larger than it appears. These are very reasonably priced at $9.95, and they are made in the USA. One of my favorite things about this product is that they use developmentally disabled adults to assemble the units and packages to ship to retailers. As the parent of a special needs child, this really means a lot to me.

Buy It: This item is available for purchase online at, and at toy stores and sporting goods stores nationwide.

Win It: I have ONE Kool Rider bicycle accessory to give away to a lucky reader. Make your child’s bicycle sound like a motorcycle! To enter, just complete the Rafflecopter form below!

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5 thoughts on “WIN a Kool Rider bicycle accessory to make your child’s bicycle sound like a motorcycle!

  1. Lorna H.

    I’m looking forward to getting outside with the kids and letting the run around and getting some fresh air. Thank God for no more “mom I’m bored what can I do now”!

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