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Is there a benefit to using a resume builder?

I personally know so many people are out of work, or underemployed right now. They take what work they can find to make ends meet, but are still on the hunt for a job that is in their industry. When we are in social settings, I often here people ask, “Is there a benefit to using a resume builder?” If I am weighing in my opinion, and y’all know I usually am, I have to say yes and  no. Why? Because it really depends on the situation and how you plan to use the finished product.

If you plan to use the finished product a resume builder prepares for you as a starting point, then yes, it’s an excellent idea. They can take your base information and polish it up for you so it looks and sounds more professional. In some instances, you can take the finished product, and just submit it to most job applications. However, some people work in specialized fields, and their resumes would really be better served if they were tailored to the specific positions they are applying for. Yes, they need the good foundation, but beyond that, they need to have the knowledge of what to change and how to change it when they are using it. Perhaps one company requires certain certifications that another company finds completely irrelevant to their position. If you are able to take your core resume, then carefully read the job descriptions of positions you are applying for, and add in qualifications you have that meet their need, and delete qualifications that are irrelevant, you can tailor your resume honestly, and have a better shot at getting an interview. Tailoring your resume and cover letter to each position shows that you have a real interest in the position.

I have not updated my own resume in over a decade, hopefully it’ll be another decade before I need to :) However, I have been helping Nick and a few other friends update and perfect theirs. Some are looking for promotions within their companies, others are unemployed or underemployed and looking to find a job. One of the people I help got an offer just today for a significant raise. A 30% raise. Because we tailored their resume, highlighted the relevant features, and personalized the cover letter, the HR rep and managers targeted this candidate early on, and made an offer that couldn’t be refused!

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