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Most of you are familiar with our pets, Bella and Cuddles. Recently, while I was sick myself, it seems Cuddles was bitten by a tick. We spray our yard frequently with Bug Prevention Spray that treats for ticks and other insects. We also use Flea and Tick Prevention on Cuddles, after she is groomed each month. However, we live in a wooded area, with a good bit of wildlife, these ticks are determined, and one successfully found it’s way to Cuddles. We saw it, and used our tick remover tool to remove it. We thought we’d caught it in time. A couple of weeks ago though, while I was pretty sick myself, Cuddles started scratching at her ear. We immediately called to get an appointment with the vet to take her in. By this time, she’d begun to have some drainage from her eye, and wasn’t really acting like herself. Not emergent, but not normal. We took her in, the vet examined her and ran some bloodwork. When it came back, she tested positive for Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Anaplasmosis. We started her on prescriptions for her eye, ears, and an antibiotic course to treat the Tick Diseases.

We are so fortunate that we have Pet Insurance for our pets to help cover some of the costs of the treatments. This was definitely unexpected and unplanned for. Our pets are part of our family, and we treat them as such. When they are sick and need medical care, Pet Insurance gives us peace of mind that we can affordably treat our pets. I can attest firsthand, that the tests we needed for our own dog would’ve been VERY expensive without the Insurance, and caused a lot of stress while we figured out how to rearrange our budget to be able to pay the bills. Thankfully, the medications are working. I’m taking her in for frequent re-checks with the vet, and hope she’ll get the all clear soon!

Information about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance®:

  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance® is the #1 customer-rated pet insurance, and is there when you and your pet need them the most
  • Healthy Paws® pays up to 90% of vet bills*
  • Pet insurance helps you focus on giving your pet the best care without worrying about the cost
    • Many human health-care techniques are becoming available for pet family members; however, these medical advances are expensive
    • You can avoid unexpected vet bills and protect your family’s budget with pet insurance
    • Pet insurance also does not cover pre-existing conditions, so it is important to sign your pup up early. Signing up early not only helps care for your pup with future illnesses and accidents, but lowers the cost for you too
  • Every day, more pet parents are educating themselves on the importance of pet insurance- how it works, what it covers, and when they would need it
    • Though only 1% of pet parents have health insurance for their pets, it is the fastest growing voluntary employee benefit
  • Visit Healthy Paws Pet Insurance®  to receive your free quote today
    • With every free quote, Healthy Paws contributes money to the medical care of homeless pets
    • Through the Refer-A-Friend program, participants earn $35 for every friend who enrolls with Healthy Paws. Visit the FAQ for more information

*Pet insurance, however, does not cover wellness care, such as regular vaccines, checkups, flea and tick or heart worm preventative, etc. not related to an unexpected accident or illness.


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