Getting fit with the Fitbit BlazeGetting fit with the Fitbit Blaze

Our health insurance company offers Healthy Lifestyle Discounts if we complete certain activities. They offer rebates on our insurance premiums that are tax-free and can reduce the amount of our annual premium by up to $1,000 per adult.  It takes work to meet the goals, and it isn’t all or nothing. It’s divided into three parts, and you receive a set rebate amount for each activity you complete. First, we have to do a wellness survey. It asks for basic health information, mental health questions, etc. Next, we need to have an annual wellness exam and Biometric Screening (blood work) done, to check our blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. Finally, if you don’t meet specific guidelines in all areas, they want you to do regular calls with a health coach, to help you be as healthy as possible, and to make improvements in your overall health. At the end of the specified timeline, you must show a pre-determined improvement in one area to earn this rebate. This year, they’ve added a Step to be Fit program that you can do as an alternative to the Health Coach program. This will run for a few months, and you must meet a minimum daily step count each day to earn the discount. When my partners at Verizon Wireless offered me a choice of products to test during the first quarter of the year, I asked for a Fitbit Blaze to use for the duration of the Step to be Fit program, and they were happy to send me one!

Getting fit with the Fitbit Blaze

Previously, I have been using a Fitbit Zip that I really like, but it’s small and doesn’t record all of the information that I need for this challenge. I received the Fitbit Blaze in the mail last week from Verizon. When I opened the box, it needed to be charged, so I plugged it into the USB port on my laptop to charge while I let it update, and set up the other features on my phone using the Fitbit App. Once it was set up and fully charged, I Synced it with our health insurance wellness site so they can begin to monitor my steps and physical activities. I want to make sure it’s all working according to plan, before the official start of the Step to be Fit program launches in February.

I’ll be sharing more about the features of the Fitbit Blaze, and my progress, as the program progresses!

How are YOU getting healthy in the new year?