This adorable Folded Handprint Valentine’s Card Kids Craft Project is affordable at under $5 total!

Folded Handprint Valentine's Card Kids Craft Project

Folded Handprint Valentine’s Card

Handprint Valentine in process

As my kids get older, the grandparents and I treasure the handmade crafts, and those using their fingerprints, handprints, and footprints more and more. They grow up so fast, and these are such an irreplaceable way to remember their childhood. You can document their growth, and make precious memories with them, while working on craft projects together. It also gives the kids a sense of pride to know that they made something so special that they can gift to a loved one. Most of the supplies required are things you likely already have around the house, if you regularly do craft projects with your kids, so it should be a pretty inexpensive project. You could make one for each set of grandparents!
Materials Needed: {Amazon Affiliate Links included so you can see specific examples, please see my disclosure policy for more information}.

Pink Construction Paper
White Paper
Glitter Glue
Photo Frame (optional, use a magnetic frame to display craft of the month on the refrigerator!)

Handprint Valentine in process 2
Fold a piece of pink construction paper in half sideways. Have your child put his/her hand down on the paper at the fold. The thumb and first finger should touch the fold. (Refer to the photo above) Trace their hand.

Handprint Valentine in process 3
Carefully cut along the pencil mark.
Note: Take care when cutting out the hand! I have done this a million times and STILL at least once, cut through the fold. If you cut through the fold, you end up with 2 handprints not attached.

Open up the hands, glue onto the white paper, decorate as desired!

Handprint Valentine final framed
We framed this and gifted it to grandma. It cost less than $5 total, including the frame I picked up at a yard sale! We already had many of the required materials on hand, and the cost for them originally was very low. If you regularly do craft projects with kids (or plan to), most of these items can be purchased in bulk (paper), or you can stock up on glue, pencils, markers, etc during back to school sales for one dollar or less. The most expensive item was the frame, and I had a very nice quality frame on hand that I got recently at a yard sale for just $3.

Folded Handprint Valentine's Card Final