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Fate’s Design #Giveaway


Fate’s Design

Fate Series Book One

A summer vacation in Italy with her twin sister, Morgan, is just what Megan Romano needs. But instead of fun, wine, and relaxation, she finds unexpected romance. Alexandros DiPiero, a sexy and mysterious Italian businessman, falls for Megan the minute he lays eyes on her, but Megan knows it’s too good to be true.

Increasingly haunting dreams that warn of danger and destiny plague Megan’s every sleeping moment. As her nightmares become deadly and her love life heats up, Megan will come face to face with her worst fear.

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This tour will run from April 23rd and through May 31

Th Author is working with Promotional Book Tours to give way 3 Prizes for this tour- Grand Prize NOOK Simple Touch or Kindle Touch or $100 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble (It’s the Winners Choice) Second Prize is a silver ‘Love’ Necklace, and third prize is an ecopy of Fate’s Design.

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10 thoughts on “Fate’s Design #Giveaway

  1. cheryl h

    Many years ago, I dreamt that our bridge here was on fire and I had to get from one side to another and the only way to do so was to jump from swing to swing. Yes I know bridges dont have swings but in my dream it did.

  2. Kristen

    Last night I dreamed I was one of a group of people being photographed with a whole bunch of cupcakes…but the cupcakes kept falling off and ruining the shot…

  3. Larry H

    I have had a recurring dream in the past that I was dressed as a snake, trying to escape from a dark cave filled with human-size snakes. I was afraid that if they recognized my humanity, the snakes would kill me.. freaking odd but I wrote it down so as not to forget.

  4. Larry H

    Fate’s Design does not sound like something I would read personally, but I know my wife enjoys dark romantic mystery novels. Great prizes for this book tour! Thanks for the chance.

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