DIY Cranberry Sugar Scrub
DIY Cranberry Sugar Scrub

My friends at the Cranberry Marketing Committee generously sent me a cranberry package, full of wonderful cranberry related items. I love finding new and creative ways to use things in my home. I decided to use the fresh cranberries to make a DIY Cranberry Sugar Scrub, and I used the cranberry sauce to make a Cranberry Squares Dessert Dish!

Friendsgiving fever is spreading quickly! The millennial alter-ego to Thanksgiving – Friendsgiving is the social party that is reshaping the traditional way we give thanks. In honor of this new American tradition, the Cranberry Marketing Committee is launching its second annual Cranberry Friendsgiving Photo Contest, where entrants a can win $4,000 in prizes for the best cranberry dishes, drinks and décor. Simply post a photo of your cranberry creation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest with #FriendsgivingCranberryContest and then upload it at to enter. {Ends Dec 19 at 11:59pm EST}

Cranberry SquaresLiving in Northern New England, we can have long, harsh winters that are rough on the skin. Some of my family members have eczema, others just really dry skin. I also have dry skin, and I’ve found that Sugar Scrubs help me. I like to experiment, and create my own DIY scrubs, so I was very excited to get these fresh cranberries, and try them in a scrub! Sugar and coconut oil are staples in my pantry, so I pulled them out and tried a few combinations until I got one that was just the right consistency 🙂 Because this has fresh fruit in it, I store mine in the refrigerator. I wash my hands frequently throughout the day, usually in the kitchen sink, so I just grab the jar and use it after the hand soap on my clean hands, and it keeps my hands looking great 🙂

DIY Cranberry Sugar ScrubIngredients:
1/2 Cup Cranberry Puree
1/2 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
4oz Mason Jar

Puree cranberries in food processor
Heat coconut oil in microwave for 30 seconds, to make it easier to mix.
Combine remaining ingredients with coconut oil in a small bowl and mix well.
Scoop into a mason jar and seal.

Makes 1 1/2 – 2 Cups of Scrub, should last 3-4 weeks. I store mine in the refrigerator between uses since I used fresh fruit.


Cranberries are easy to use in sweet or savory dishes, and are a bold and bright addition to tablescapes, making them the perfect festive fall fruit for any Friendsgiving celebration. There are a variety of inspirational party resources at that will help spark your creativity, including:

The winner will receive two packages – the first with fresh cranberries that will come directly from our supplier (as they are perishable and require special packaging), and the second a fun goodie bag with cranberry products like dried cranberries, cranberry sauce, cranberry juice, a measuring cup and a cocktail shaker for you to make your own creations!

Don’t forget to enter the Cranberry Friendsgiving Photo Contest too!

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