Cleaning Out the Pantry

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed recently that I’ve been trying to become more specific with my boards. While I do love my For the Home and Organization Boards, it was getting hard for me to find some specific things that I’ve been searching for. In trying to get my home more organized and functional for me, I have been browsing for ideas I’d like to implement in my home.

In Oklahoma, we had a pantry that was a bit larger than the pantry in this home, which only has three shelves. On the bottom, I have a laundry basket for dirty kitchen towels (and the old *rag* towels the kids use dry the dog off after walking her in the rain, snow, etc), and the dog food and cat food. I’d love to put a portable 3-4 shelf plastic organizer down there, but there isn’t another place to put the things currently living there.

One idea I got from Pinterest, was to use an over the door hook for my aprons, and grilling tools. I had one already that I am using for now, but plan to get a second one soon so everything isn’t tangled up. As you can see, we use the top shelf for our boxed goods and protein powder. The second shelf holds our breads, chips (aka rice cakes, shhhh don’t tell the kids, lol), almonds, drink mix, and boxed dessert mixes. The bottom shelf is for our canned goods. (I mainly use the Campbell’s Soups around the holidays. A Wal-Mart near us was moving across the street and had them marked down to $0.10 per can – normally $1.25 per can, so I bought ALL they had. I’m set for at least a year now, LOL!)

I’ve mentioned previously that I like to do a quick pickup around the house first thing in the morning, then spend about an hour deep cleaning one room, or an area of one room. When it’s kitchen day, I focus on the pantry, fridge, freezer, bakers rack, cabinets, etc. Whatever needs attention. Today, it happened to be the pantry. I tend to “shop” from the pantry when I’m doing my meal plan for the following week, so it doesn’t get “too” bad. There were some things in there though that I’d gotten for free or haven’t fit our revised meal plan for cleaner eating, and had passed their expiration. Now that those items are cleared out, things look much better. I should note that the adults don’t eat the boxed desserts, those are for the kids after school, specifically they are on Aaron’s Nutrition Plan. He also drinks the Carnation Instant Breakfast with each meal, per his plan.

I’m starting a Pantry Organization Board on Pinterest today, so if you have any Pins you’d like to share, or posts about your own pantry, please leave them in the comments, I’d love to visit!