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Cute Baby Costumes

Cute Baby Costumes The year seems to have flown by so quickly, and Halloween is rapidly approaching. I've been browsing various costume sites trying to find some ideas to help people (I know how busy life can get). This past week a couple of my friends became grandmothers for the first time, and I was speaking with one of them about Cute Baby Costumes for Halloween. As I was looking for some ideas, I found some things that would be cute not just for Halloween, but for Baby Pictures any time of the year! They are only little for such…
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HP and PicCollage work together so you can print photos from your phone! #PicCollage #HP

I am participating in a promotional program with HP, PicCollage, and MomSelect. While this post is sponsored by them, the thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own. HP and PicCollage work together so you can print photos from your phone! Recently, I got a new HP Envy 7640 printer (NOT part of this promotion, just for your reference, because I think it's helpful to know what type of printer I was using when I printed these pictures). I tend to take the vast majority of my pictures with my phone, and it wasn't compatible with the existing printer we had to print…
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Wordless Wednesday #WW Guess What?

It's SNOWING again at our house! The poor kids. They walked all the way to the bus stop this morning and the neighbor told them school had been cancelled. They were cheering and RAN back up to the house. School called - buses were just running late. Bus pulls up and honks - kids had to run back down to get on the bus and go to school. Momentary hope of a snow day obliterated :/
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