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How to Organize Important Paperwork

How to Organize Important Paperwork I've always had a goal of really getting my important paperwork organized, and over the past year, I've really gotten serious about it. I'm sad to say I'm still not done, but I do make progress each day! When my kids were much younger, I knew that I needed to KEEP the important papers, but they all ended up in a few big moving boxes when we made our cross-country move. I've made it a priority to spend 15-30 minutes each day going through all incoming paperwork to make sure it's properly handled, then grabbing…
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10 Tips to Help Organize you for the New Year

Welcome to the New Year, New Cheer Giveaway Hop brought to you by The Hopping Bloggers. HOSTED BY: Mama Smith's and Women and Their Pretties Many bloggers have come together to bring you some amazing prizes! Each prize is worth a minimum of $15, but some are worth much more. There is no limit to how many you can win – so enter them all! GOOD LUCK! The prize at this stop will be a $25 Visa GC. Entry-Form The Hopping Bloggers and participating bloggers are not responsible for the delivery of prizes. Are you a blogger looking to connect…
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How to organize and store Legos

Ideas and suggestions on How to Organize and store Legos, so they don't overtake your home! How to organize and store Lego's LEGO STAR WARS Imperial Assault Hovertank 75152 My boys LOVE Lego's and the Lego Sets. Especially those that are themed around their favorite movies. They spend hours putting them together, carefully following the directions - which is awesome to see when they're done. The problem comes soon after though. We don't have space to keep all of the completed creations displayed, so they need to break them down, to build again another day. Then, the pieces get mixed in…
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    Most of you know I also have a food blog, When Is Dinner, where I share many recipes that my family loves. I often talk about how I double recipes, especially those I make in the crockpot, so I can freeze half, and have another meal ready to go. Most of my friends and family also follow that blog, and sometimes ask for help with recipes, or ask for tips and tricks. Recently while I was at one of the boys sports practices, I was talking with some other moms, and they were asking me how I got…
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Get Organized Electronically

I mistakenly thought I'd have TONS of time when my kids were on Christmas Vacation to get caught up :) The good news is, I spent a lot of time just hanging out and enjoying my time with the kids. I thought they were going back to school yesterday, but Ole' Hercules adjusted my expectations when he brought a couple feet of snow to us, and some bitterly cold temperatures. The kids were ecstatic to get their first 2 snow days AND extend their Vacation Break until Monday. As I began to try and clean up my email and sort…
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Favorite Homemaking Posts from Stumbleupon

I love StumbleUpon. It is a great resource for finding posts and articles to read. You can select the categories you're interested in and get lost for hours (much like Pinterest!). You can personalize the items it sends to you by giving a "Thumbs Up" for posts you like and it tells the system to send you things similar to that, or "thumbs down" items you that aren't of interest to you, or just click the stumble button to move on. It's amazing to me just how different the content it shows me is versus other people I know! My…
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Cleaning out the pantry

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed recently that I've been trying to become more specific with my boards. While I do love my For the Home and Organization Boards, it was getting hard for me to find some specific things that I've been searching for. In trying to get my home more organized and functional for me, I have been browsing for ideas I'd like to implement in my home. In Oklahoma, we had a pantry that was a bit larger than the pantry in this home, which only has three shelves. On the bottom, I…
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