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How do I fix my credit?

I love getting reader questions via my Contact Us Form, and the one I most often get is, "How do I fix my credit?" The answer is, it takes time, and hard work. This is a situation that doesn't usually happen overnight (Though the loss of a job, loved one, illness, etc can happen instantly and be the cause of the delinquency). The fact of the matter is that hindsight is 20/20. You can look back and think things such as: I should've done a better job of saving for tough times I should've never used my credit card to purchase…
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Happy New Year!!!!

It's a fresh start to a new year! Many of you are already on the path to becoming debt free, others are just starting. Regardless, anyone in debt needs to be aware of their rights as consumer's and what protections we are ALL offered. My favorite resource on the matter is the Federal Trade Commission. I have bookmarked the YOUR RIGHTS page in my favorites, and reference it anytime I or a friend has a question. It reminds you that you are entitled to FREE copies of your credit report annually, and gives the link  to the free site. I…
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