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About Me

I am a New England Blogger, and a stay at home mom. My oldest son has Asperger’s and other special needs, so we spend a good portion of our time dealing with those things. He has fallen in love with the Boston Red Sox! My children are in 3rd, 4th, and 5th  grades! My middle son loves to play Soccer and has recently developed an interest in Basketball. My youngest son has played Soccer and liked it OK, but over the summer has become passionate about Golf. We are all avid readers and enjoy playing games (outdoors, board games, and video games), watching movies, and television shows together.

We just recently made the move from Oklahoma to New England, and are very excited to be here. We’ve never had the opportunity to visit this part of the country before, so we have thousands of places to see and explore! I am very happy that you stopped by my little corner of the internet to visit;)

If you have any questions, comments, or are interested in my hosting a review, giveaway, or advertising here, you are welcome to EMAIL ME.

MEET JESSICA: Jessica is my first cousin, and contributes to this site. She is happily married, has a Marketing Degree, and is currently staying at home raising her two young children (ages 1 and 3), and some chickens. She enjoys green and natural living, making her own baby food, cloth diapering, and saving money.

MEET BILLY: Billy is my uncle and he loves movies, reading, exploring restaurants and life in Memphis. I think he goes to see just about every movie released in theaters, and shares his opinion with all of us on Facebook, so it makes sense to have him share them here too :) He’s a little OCD about cleanliness, and he wants to make sure we all remember to take and use antibacterial cleaning wipes on 3D Glasses at the theater. For example, a recent exchange said, ” So I caved and saw Gravity. I say go. And drop off the extra $5 for the 3D, but remember your disinfectant wipes. (yes, I really did)” After a few replies from doubters’ “those glasses go on and off how many people’s faces? and you expect some sixteen year old making minimum wage to be all that bothered with cleaning them?” So, let’s all make him happy and CLEAN our 3D Glasses :)

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  1. Paula Ball

    I never really thought about that, but it makes sense. This past cold & flu season I came down with the worst flu I had ever had & strep throat at the same time. I was very ill. It sounds a little neurotic to carry germ killer but who cares?

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