10 Weight Loss Tips for the New Year

I’ve mentioned to some of my long-time readers in my email regarding my move from Blogger to WordPress that I am starting Nutri-System in late January. I will be blogging my journey on my main blog, but want to post my tips and ideas here for those who might also benefit. With my Fibromyalgia I sometimes am limited in my activity due to the pain, but I try to do what I can to keep moving. I know once the pounds I gained from all these meds, etc are gone, it will help my condition too, so I’m not sitting around waiting for next month to start my journey, I’m doing what I can right now!

  1. Drink more water! Make sure you are drinking at least 8 glasses per day and limiting other sugary drinks!
  2. Watch what you eat: I try to eat what I want within reasonable limits to curb cravings while making sure my diet is balanced.
  3. Use a smaller plate: I sometimes eat on our mid-sized salad plates so mentally I still see that I’m eating a plateful, and the portions areΒ perfect for my needs.
  4. Don’t deny ALL cravings: I have 3 snack size bars of my favorite candy in my house. Every 3 months, I try to get fresh ones. I give the others to my kids. I rarely ever eat them, it’s enough for me just to know that they’re there if I want them. But should I crave, it’s just a small amount. (I keep 3 because I have 3 kids to give them too;)
  5. Get moving. If you’ve been sedentary, I say start slow, and only do what you are able and what a doctor says is safe. For me, my doctor wants me to walk. I get severe pain down my hips and legs, so I go slow and not too far (and take a cell phone!). I’m hoping to get a treadmill to do this indoors, but until then, around the neighborhood I go.
  6. Take before and in the process photos. You don’t have to look at them now. I know I hate that. But, later on, you might want them to compare to. They can be as public or private as you want.
  7. Set realistic goals for yourself. It can be daunting to look at the total amount you want or need to lose, so set smaller, manageable goals for yourself along the way. For me, I like 10%. I am 10 pounds from reaching my first goal, and can’t wait to celebrate! Also remember, we are not at the Biggest Loser Ranch, so it is not reasonable to expect those numbers! I lose about 1-2 pounds per week.
  8. Don’t compare yourself to other people. We are all different and unique with our own set of issues. Challenge yourself but don’t get discouraged if a close friend also on the journey is losing faster than you. They may plateau when you are on a roll or vice versa. You are not the same person, you won’t lose at the same rate.
  9. Monitor your weight. I try to weigh myself at the same time each day (once a week also works) just to keep tabs. I have a private place where I record the numbers. I don’t get discouraged when it goes up, I just try to do better, and rejoice when it goes back down!
  10. Don’t over-do it. It’s SO easy to get gung-ho in the beginning and do too much and possibly injure yourself. Take it slow and easy. You likely didn’t gain the weight overnight, so it isn’t going away overnight. Remember it’s a change in lifestyle, NOT a diet πŸ™‚